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Welcome to My Bella Design, my very first website!  Please join me on my journey of growth and exploration in the world of Ladies fashion and jewelry online.  This topic is so broad and extensive and I hope to be able to break it down into segments of content rich information, to bring you value and inspiration for your unique and beautiful style.

About My Website


I’m a forty something year old professional, juggling a full time job, a husband and a family.  My daughter is studying a degree in Foundation Phase Education and also working as a Teacher’s Intern.  My son is going into his final year at High School whilst also juggling a swimming career.

Working woman

I grew up on the South Coast of South Africa, and currently live in a suburb very close to Durban.  I’ve always worked in Administration, and currently work in the Finance Office of a local Primary School.  I’ve been on a mission of personal growth this year, and studied a bookkeeping course.  I’m very proud to say that I passed with distinction and am now a qualified bookkeeper.South Africa


I’ve been married to my husband, Guy, for 27 years and whilst I will say marriage is hard work, I value the love and dedication of my life partner and best friend.  We’ve shared more than half my lifetime together, of highs and lows, triumph and tradegies.  Life would have been really bleak without him.



I’ve been craving something more than working day to day just to bring in an income sufficient to see me to the next pay date. My job is mundane, and although contributes to support education in South Africa, it falls short in bringing a sense of accomplishment and

I would love to be able to bring value and touch people all over the world with something that could help inspire them and boost their self esteem.  We all feel better about ourselves when we look good, but for so many people, style isn’t something that comes naturally to them.  Some guidance and encouragement is needed, and that’s ok.  We all have something that we’re good at, and it just may not be fashion sense.  Nothing wrong with that.

Own Fashion Style

Even for those that have established their own unique style, the idea of going into the cities shopping malls to try and find new fashion items and accessories, may be hugely daunting and if you’re anything like me, I simply won’t go if I’m not completely in the mood.  The weekends are jam packed with so many things to do that I don’t get time for during the working week, that the last thing I feel like doing is shopping for much needed clothes and accessories.  Online shopping takes the hard work out of it, and my goal is to be the guiding light in connecting you to trustworthy, affordable shopping opportunities.



I hope to deliver content that will bring you value and help you to broaden your fashion knowledge and establish your unique style and look.  I plan to be the bridge that connects you to a world of fashion opportunity, in a fun and affordable way.

The Bridge

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Warm regards,

Kim Gower-Winter


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  1. Hi Kim,

    You have a very nice look site, I love how easy it is to find everything you may need. My question is, What gift ideas will you suggest for men?

    Let me know.

    Carl, CLofLA

    1. Hi Carl,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, I appreciate your feedback. Take a look at this very fashionable men’s Sports Watch by Lige. It has a leather band and is waterproof to 30m. I hope you like it.

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