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White Trench Coat

No doubt, one of the foremost questions on every ladies mind as we near the end of 2017, is what will ladies fashion trends be in 2018. Well, that’s an interesting question, and for many of us old and young, some guidance goes a long way in helping us make the most of our wardrobes as we enter in to the new year. Helping Hand

New York Fashion Week

The annual New York Fashion Week highlighting spring/summer of 2018 was, as usual, a great success with top designers stepping up to the plate with their best designs for the new season. What was interesting was that there were many designers focusing on similar styles and also retaining styles of the past but bringing a new look to them by tweaking and reworking them with added style and embellishment. Why re-invent the wheel right? Don’t mess with success!New York Fashion Week

Trends forecast for 2018

These are some of the ladies fashion trends forecast for 2018. While I go through them, think about what you already have in your wardrobes, what can be adapted to work in line with these trends, and what you will need to get up to speed and strut your stuff. Don’t get overwhelmed by it all, it is a lot but you don’t necessarily need it all. Pick a few ideas that stand out to you, trends that you can have fun with and that suit you, and then build your 2018 wardrobe around those ideas.

  • Have fun with layers of Pastels – soft shades of Lilac were very popular, and the idea this new season is to layer with the same pastel color in various shades and textures. Although Lilac took center stage, all pastels are in.
  • Millennial pink is still very popular but added to that is a dash of bright red, perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day 2018.Millenial Pink
  • The good old favorite “Fanny Packs” – this hands-free bag has been pimped into something much more than an athletic looking bag that fastens around the waist. Designers have created chic and trendy little bags that you can wear comfortably without having to carry them.
  • Sequins, glitz and glamour are in and not only in the stylish evening dresses hitting the runways, but also in the trendy new basketball jerseys, track jackets and sweat shirts.Sequins
  • Silk has always been a firm favorite and women just love the feeling of wearing silk. Next season sees a lot of sexy, sultry, black sheer skin-baring fabrics sewn into evening dresses. A lot of fun could be had with this idea, so go bold!

Sheer White Evening Dress

  • The classic white dress has been splashed with rainbow colored designs in stripes and also in a paint-splattered look to bring a breath of fresh air to any occasion. This look was a firm favorite among many designers so I’m sure we will see much of it in 2018.
  • Tassels and fringe is in this new season as nearly every top designer showcased fringed designs down the runways. This look is both classy and fun-loving and portrays a spirit of youthful zest for life!
  • The old, boring straw bag has been given a face lift with added details and embellishments making it really pop.
  • Stark White – the elegant White suite was very popular with a splash of black trim, chic and classy as always.

Timeless Elegance

Long time favorites that will still form the foundation of any woman’s wardrobe are the sleek, tailored, collared shirts, buttoned up all the way, the pencil skirt, and the dark, polished, tailored denim all looking fantastic with new lines and embellishments to bring in the new.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Shiny, glittery shoes added glitz and glamour to many an outfit, with no holding back on the amount of glitter footwear gracing the runways.Glitter Shoes

High fashion headbands are going to be big, with bold printed headscarves, feathered bands and even large bow headpieces making an entrance in the fashion scene. Straw hats have undergone a complete overhaul, you won’t be disappointed!

Fashion Headband

The ’90s sunglass shape is making a reappearance, with razor edges and a bold experimentation with color.

90's Sunglasses


All Time Favorite

The absolute, all time favorite piece to have, was the classic trench coat in a way never seen before, with beautiful metallic-threaded embroidery, raw edges and cape-toppers to a tailored under-coat. Nothing says style and sophistication better than a quality trench coat, so this is a piece I recommend we all work towards getting for the new 2018 season. There is so much that can be done with a good trench coat, and so many looks to create.

White Trench Coat

A color for all seasons

The color of the season definitely stands out as an Orange zest hue, seen in almost every designer’s collection, bold and beautiful, fresh and fun! Give it a try, you may just surprise yourself and find that you absolutely love it.

Colour of the season

A Final Note

The year 2018 is set to be the year for you. Time to slow down the rat race and remember who is really important. Time to spoil yourself a little and lift yourself out of the sublime. What better way to energize yourself and lift your spirits than to grow your confidence and courage with a new look. You don’t have to go all the way straight off the bat, but make a start, set some goals, put together a plan and take action to get there. One step at a time, and keep going, you will get there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it’s brought you some value. I would love to help all you beautiful ladies to realize your greatest asset…..and that is you. To make the most of all you are and all you have, and to grow your confidence by putting your best foot forward. Please believe that there is value in every one of us, let it show by the way you treat yourself.
Please feel free to leave your comments at the end of this post, I would love to hear from you.
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