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If truth be told, a woman never seems to have enough closet storage space, and we can all benefit from some small closet storage ideas. Every woman’s home layout is different, and we all have varying small closet storage issues. I’m going to expand on some ideas and storage options below, which will hopefully help you to solve some of your small closet storage challenges.

LANGRIA 16-Cube Shoe Rack & Storage Drawer Unit

This is a modern DIY closet made up of translucent white doors and panels with a patterned design. It comprises creative design cubes which can be used separately or connected together to create a greater storage space. Plastic connectors and steel framework allows you to create a closet unique to your requirements. It is easy to assemble, waterproof, dust-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The doors feature a hole handle for ventilation.

Portable Storage Organizer Wardrobe Closet

This is a similar DIY organizer, again very easy to assemble, strong and durable, it comes with full instructions on how to assemble. Plastic connectors and steel framework ensure your closet can take considerable weight, especially having those warm winter jackets in mind.


Clothes Rack on Wheels

No closet space at all? That’s not a problem, as long as you have floor space, with this heavy-duty 100kg clothes rack on wheels, made by Tatkraft. This clothes rack on wheels can be placed anywhere in your room and can be easily moved around when necessary.


Suit and Coat Cover Storage Bag

This 2 piece Suit and Coat cover storage bag made by GohEunGyung Shop, is a dust free zipper bag, designed to protect those expensive items in your closet.


Premium quality – 50 Black Velvet Hangers

I just love these space-saving black velvet hangers, strong and durable, non-slip with 360 degree chrome swivel hooks.


4-in-1 Powerful Steamer for Clothes

This handheld steamer is portable and compact, and the perfect item for cleaning, sterilizing and removing the wrinkles from your clothes. It’s the perfect quick fix for any closet disaster!

Girly things – Bras and panties

I love, love, love this pretty storage box for bras, panties, socks and perhaps ties!!! ……if you let him. It’s made by Sivin, and easily foldable, washable and adjustable. It’s a two piece set and has dust proof lids.


Love your Shoes

With this stunning modular organizer to match your clothes closet. 18 Rectangular cubbies to store all your beautiful shoes in a small space. These cubbies can be built up together or stored separately according to the space you have available.


Ottoman Storage Bench

I love this foldable storage bench from Seville Classics! It doubles as a comfy seat and a large, chic looking storage facility, the perfect answer to a space-saving dilemma.

Another stunning Ottoman option is this lightweight, rectangular, modern look made by DHP, and which comes with a Tufted Design.

Or for a slightly larger area, this Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, by Shelving Solutions, which boasts a 43″ Linen Fabric Foot Rest Seat.

Belleze boasts this gorgeous 48″ Rectangular Fabric Ottoman Bench with Tufted Footrest Lift Top, perfect for the larger living area.


Blankets, Towels and Linen

This beautiful foldable storage bag by Sorbus, is the absolute ultimate storage bag for clothes, blankets, towels and linen. It features large clear windows so you can see at a glance what you have in there, and comes with carry handles so it can be easily moved. This is great for those who love to be well-organised, it’s neat and compact and you’d be amazed at how much you could store in this unit.


To help even more with compact storage, you could use the below 5 Pack Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags to vacuum pack your pillows, towels, blankets and linen. This would be great for seasonal items that you don’t use all year round.

You could also use this under the bed organizer by Ziz Home, which is made with anti-mould, breathable material and also features a clear top window so that you can easily see what you have stored inside, without unzipping it.

Well I hope the ideas I’ve shared will give you insight into what’s possible in your home to alleviate your Small Closet Storage problems.  There is so much we can do to make the most of what we have, and I wish you great vision and inspiration in creating your ultimate closet space in your home.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, problems or ideas you would like to share.

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7 Replies to “Small Closet Storage Ideas”

  1. Good ideas, and I will definitely use some of them. I live in a small house, with tiny closets. The up-side is I can’t hoard a lot of stuff I don’t use (which I admit I am prone to), but the down-side is “Where the heck can I keep my clothes!”
    You have given me some options I wasn’t aware of, so THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Kim, interesting and comprehensive article on small closet storage ideas. I wasn’t aware that some of the ideas you presented were available. With many people today living in smaller places and spaces, being able to make the most of limited square footage is an important consideration. Thanks for sharing. Tom

  3. Hi Kim,

    Firstly I love the ideas! I live in a tiny little apartment and have way too much stuff having moved from a 5 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom apartment with my roommate.

    Secondly the first item you write about, the LANGRIA 16-Cube Shoe Rack & Storage Drawer Unit, the HTML link doesn’t work to get you any sales on that item as you didn’t code it in an HTML editor, if I didn’t already understand HTML I wouldn’t have known the small part of the code to copy and paste into my browser just to get a look at the product. Most people that don’t code webpages will not know how to do this. I suggest simply linking the text “LANGRIA 16-Cube Shoe Rack & Storage Drawer Unit” or do it as a URL link as you have linked the other items you speak of on this page.

    That brings me to my third point, where are the product images? If people can see the item before going through your affiliate links they’ll be more likely to make the choice to click each link.

    The rest of the page seems great and very informative and I’m sure you’ll get more conversions with product pics. On another site I’ve seen the Amazon links have the product picture included, but still haven’t figured out how to create those specific links on Amazon yet. Maybe I’ll try to figure that out today and get back to you.

    Hope this was helpful!

    1. Dear Kyra-Lynn,
      Thank you for the great feedback, I appreciate it. I need to go back to that article and edit the links as I’ve since figured out how to insert product links with images. In Amazon, you login to the Amazon Associates page, find your desired product and then in the Site-Stipe banner at the top of the page, you select “get product+image link” and when that link comes up, just copy and past it into your content. I will get back to the article and edit it.

      Warm regards,

  4. Hi Kim. You have some very great ideas here. Thank you. My daughter and mother both have tiny closets. I found a couple of ideas that could be very helpful like the hanger and the vacuum seal. I think this could help them out a lot I will let them know. Thank you

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks so much for the comment, it’s great to hear from you and I’m really happy you found some value in my post. I’ll have a look at your site and leave a comment.

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